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Posted: Nov 25th, 19, 18:26
by chknkatsu
in this sentence

"Сказка рассказана бабушкой."
"The fairy-tale is narrated by a grandmother"

why is "рассказана" used? when i look at conjugations of "рассказать" it is not even listed.

i understand its the past tense, why isnt it "рассказа́ла"


Re: рассказана???

Posted: Dec 15th, 19, 12:41
by Volk
Try this way.
"Сказка рассказала бабушкой."
Does it make any sense?
It doesn't.

Сказка рассказала про волшебный горшок.
Сказка рассказала про старую бабушку.

Сказка рассказана (by) бабушкой.

"The fairy-tale IS narrated BY a grandmother"

I hope my explanation makes sense :D