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Russian-English exchange with a programmer

Posted: Apr 24th, 20, 19:04
by AlexKoto
Hi !
My name Alex, I am a native Russian speaker. I worđ║ as an android developer (programmer).

I am 35 years old.
You can ask me about coding or start any conversation related to any topic you learn on your russian courses, I will be glad.

Also you may send me jokes, memes and any similar texts you want to discuss with me. :) I like pop and classical music. I used to listen to rock before.

I will be glad to hear form you!
I don't looking for a relocation. My place (Saint-Petersburg) fits me :)
I am looking for English native speckers who could help me improve my English. I can read and speak in English, but i am not very confident with my pronunciation.
Contacts: kotomoto1000 [at] yahoo [dot] com (remove gaps, replace [at] with @, and [dot] with . respectivetly)

Don't hesistate, i will answer to everyone!


Re: Russian-English exchange with a programmer

Posted: Jun 27th, 21, 20:39
by AlexKoto
this post still actual