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Russian Color Culture

Posted: Sep 7th, 17, 10:41
by RyanCaleb
Hi all,

The second I started watching Интерны I noticed the colors were crazily vibrant. When comparing to a show like Grey's Anatomy. Bright blues reds and greens in every shot. I'm watching a show on youtube now call Как я стал русским and the same thing is happening. The costume design to the set decor are vibrant bright colors, it's unlike anything I've ever seen in American TV shows. It's most obvious on the main character who always wears khakis and deeply saturated shirts. Most of the time it goes unnoticed but every once in a while a shot will just be filled to the brim with vibrant colors and I immediately see it as strange and to be honest somewhat fake. Don't get me wrong, I like it, I think it makes the whole atmosphere of the shows more happy. But I'm not sure if it's a camera trick, a kind of cultural movement or what. I know movies I've seen don't seem to be doing this. Does anyone know what the cause or origin of doing this to TV shows is?

After googling "kitchen" in english vs russian, it seems more obvious that a cultural difference is separate our design schemes.
Is this compensation for Russia's cold weather?

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Re: Russian Color Culture

Posted: Sep 12th, 17, 17:36
by serg730
By the way, this series starred American actor :)
Television series don't show the culture.
In Russia use different colors depending on the time of year.
In summer more than bright colors, dark colors in the Winter.
But if you take pictures of everyday life, Russia is not different from other countries.

Re: Russian Color Culture

Posted: Jul 13th, 18, 11:42
by Thated
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Re: Russian Color Culture

Posted: Sep 26th, 18, 11:54
by aradralami
Well, I know they SAY the red is from the blood shed, but I highly doubt that is the official reason why the communist flags are red. It is more likely revolution. All revolutions used to be associated with red...

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Re: Russian Color Culture

Posted: Sep 26th, 18, 15:39
by Jeremy Katz
Well, I dunno, look at museums or palaces - almost each of them is yellow/white. White might be a tribute to the ancient color of any marble column, but yellow... I don't really know.

The commonplace architecture here was made during the Union, and there were few arts on the walls, like, a huge painting made of bricks, as the house was built. Sometimes it's writing. Most often it used blue, as the sky.

As for warmer colors, that was mostly the communist thing, I think. It doesn't combine with the "red" of the folk.

There is a technique of pot decoration called "Гжель", it uses blue/white color scheme. No idea why. Probably, regional.

Re: Russian Color Culture

Posted: Aug 29th, 19, 12:17
by EnglishNinja
I don't think it's really different from other cultures, but I agree that Russian TV can be really bright sometimes.
I think colors and clothes in Russia can be compared to European ones, I actually heard that in some countries or regions they tend to wear more colorful clothes that in others, and in Russia they wear bright clothes no matter where, the same with cosmetics and colourants.