I Guess Hi! :)

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I Guess Hi! :)

Postby The_Alex » May 2nd, 17, 01:06

Hi everyone. This is really confusing. I am going to start teaching a 3rd grader Russian in about a week. This site looks very helpful, although some smart asses post porn here. Shocker...

Anyways, I hope it will be a doable tack for me and I also count on your help since it will be my first time teaching someone a language :lol:

Talk to you later.


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Re: I Guess Hi! :)

Postby Mashenka » Dec 11th, 18, 11:16

Hi Alex!

Sorry I somehow didn't see your post until a year and a half later. How is the teaching going? I haven't seen any porn sites or spam sites lately. I think the mods are cracking down.

I would really like to know about your first experience teaching a child and if there is something you can let us know that would help us studying Russian.

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