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by EnglishNinja
Nov 8th, 19, 12:57
Forum: Your first post to say hello
Topic: Test, just a test
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Re: Test, just a test

I recommend this platform for studying and testing: I just find it really convenient to be able to study online and organize all my work in one place. Good luck!
by EnglishNinja
Nov 8th, 19, 12:44
Forum: Vocabulario ruso
Topic: qué significa "высокая печатная форма"
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Re: qué significa "высокая печатная форма"

Aquí se dice que el sello es completamente diferente.
by EnglishNinja
Aug 29th, 19, 12:17
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: Russian Color Culture
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Re: Russian Color Culture

I don't think it's really different from other cultures, but I agree that Russian TV can be really bright sometimes. I think colors and clothes in Russia can be compared to European ones, I actually heard that in some countries or regions they tend to wear more colorful clothes that in others, and i...
by EnglishNinja
Apr 4th, 19, 12:43
Forum: Russian-English exchange
Topic: English/Russian exchange
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Re: English/Russian exchange

Hi, are you going to visit Russia anytime? Maybe even live here for some time? I hope it'll be great and you have no problems with entry, but just in case better to check this article on cancellation of bans on entry . You can translate it automatically in your browser, if you struggle to understand...
by EnglishNinja
Mar 5th, 19, 14:42
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: Need help reading signature on Russian Lacquer Box
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Re: Need help reading signature on Russian Lacquer Box

That's a very deep and interesting topic! I remember writing essay on Lermontov and his legacy, got some valuable essay help back then. Recommend to check it out too if you want to come up with some quality material.
by EnglishNinja
Mar 1st, 19, 16:12
Forum: Your first post to say hello
Topic: hi, I am from russia. I can help you
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Re: hi, I am from russia. I can help you

Cristina, do you really come from Italy? I studied Italian in Italy, it was a great experience! I liked it there so much I didn't want to leave at all. I really enjoyed talking with Italians and going places, especially when we visited some small villages and farms. I miss this cozy atmosphere now.

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