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by site2017
Feb 20th, 18, 00:34
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: Add Subtitles to Movies
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Re: Add Subtitles to Movies

It was a very beautiful video
Build site
by site2017
Feb 13th, 18, 01:53
Forum: Intercambio Ruso-Español
Topic: Hablo ruso y busco hispanohablantes
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Re: Hablo ruso y busco hispanohablantes

Saludos a todos los participantes del foro. Permtanme que me presente . Mi llamo Miguel Angel, soy espaol de Zaragoza y desde hace unos pocos meses vivo en San Petersburgo. Como soy un poco bruto me vine sin tener ni idea de ruso. Estoy recibiendo clases y me empiezo a enterar de algo pero en el ter...
by site2017
Feb 7th, 18, 03:33
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: first lesson
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first lesson

Здравствуйте Hello! Доброе утро Good morning! Добрый день Good afternoon! Добрый вечер Good evening! Добро пожаловать! Welcome! Привет! Hi! ساخت سايت Как поживаете? How are you getting on? Как поживаешь? How are things? (informal) Как Ваши дела? How are you? Как дела? How are you? (informal) Прекрас...
by site2017
Feb 2nd, 18, 01:42
Forum: Russian-English exchange
Topic: Need Russian friend :D
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Re: Need Russian friend :D

My name is Elena.I live in Russia. I I'd like to improve English, I enjoy travelling and sightseeing taking care of my funny cat Marusya, besides i love music, reading science fiction and action films and riding a bike, it's really wonderful to make friends from other countries
by site2017
Jan 28th, 18, 06:11
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: Facts, Customs & Traditions
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Facts, Customs & Traditions

Russian culture has a long and rich cultural history, steeped in literature, ballet, painting and classical music. While outsiders may see the country as drab, Russia has a very visual cultural past, from its colorful folk costumes to its ornate religious symbols. Here is a brief overview of Russian...
by site2017
Jan 5th, 18, 20:42
Forum: Gramática rusa
Topic: Signo Blando "Ь"
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Re: Signo Blando "Ь"

Ahora ya conoces 31 letras cirílicas, casi todo el alfabeto ruso. Sólo te faltan 2 letras; no son vocales ni tampoco consonantes. ¿Qué son? Les llamamos signos: el signo duro y el signo blando. El signo duro – Ъ ъ (твёрдый знак) [tviórdyi znak] El signo blando – Ь ь (мягкий знак) [miájkii znak] ¿Par...
by site2017
Dec 7th, 17, 03:36
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: who is chukcha?
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Re: who is chukcha?

The Chukchi are the largest Native nation (about 15,000) on the Asian side of the North Pacific. At present, they populate a huge area that reaches from Bering Strait to the Kolyma River valley deep in inland Siberia, and extends along both the Arctic and Pacific coasts of northeast Asia. Their name...
by site2017
Nov 29th, 17, 00:41
Forum: Your first post to say hello
Topic: Re: Hi, Introduce Yourself
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Re: Hi, Introduce Yourself

Hello, I am Ali Sadeqi, and I live in Iran, and I am very interested in the language of your country and I am learning this language.
I'm glad to find this site because it helps me learn more.

طراحی وب سايت
by site2017
Nov 20th, 17, 21:20
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: Которая водка естб лучная для вечеринку?
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Re: Которая водка естб лучная для вечеринку?

"Зелёная марка" - покупали несколько лет, потом перестали: вкус стал жёстче. Были периоды, когда покупали только "Кедровицу" - весьма неплохой вариант, но ситуация та же: с течением времени качество ухудшалось. Та же ситуёвина и с "Журавлями", и с "Пятью озёрами&qu...
by site2017
Nov 15th, 17, 17:35
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: Meaning of наварил ?
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Re: Meaning of наварил ?

Means newcomer
That is, the person who has just entered the collective.
ساخت سايت

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