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by RyanCaleb
Sep 7th, 17, 10:41
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: Russian Color Culture
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Russian Color Culture

Hi all, The second I started watching Интерны I noticed the colors were crazily vibrant. When comparing to a show like Grey's Anatomy. Bright blues reds and greens in every shot. I'm watching a show on youtube now call Как я стал русским and the same thing is happening. The costume design to the set...
by RyanCaleb
Sep 7th, 17, 10:39
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: Basic question about gender
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Basic question about gender

Hi there, I just need to clear up what happens when the noun is one gender and the person represented by the noun is another. The good male teacher said: хорощий препадавтель сказал The good female teacher said: хорощая препадавтель сказала? The good male orphan went home: хорощий сирота шёл домой T...

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