What are the title of these Russian novels?

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What are the title of these Russian novels?

Postby obe » Feb 26th, 15, 17:30

Hi all,

I am looking for the titles and authors of some of the Russian novels I read when I was a boy (80ies). All I remember are a few lines about them below: Can someone help me pleeeease?

1. So the first novel is about a little boy (probably eskimo/Siberian) who goes seal hunting in a canoe for the first time with his father and uncles. They hunt seal, and he eats a seal’s heart… on their way back they get stuck in the fog, and everyone dies from thirst apart from the little boy who comes back home as a man…

2. About the First or second world war: A teacher called Karablov… recruits young men to the war… Karablov is a liar (he has been around and has eaten things like rotten eggs…?) Karablov ends up in the same regiment/section in the army and is a craven?


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Re: What are the title of these Russian novels?

Postby LoveMyRussia » Apr 10th, 15, 16:52

Hi, obe,

unfortunately I can't help you with the first novel, but I have some ideas about the second one. Maybe it was "Два капитана" (Two Captains) by В.Каверин? There was teacher Korablyov in it. If you mean some other book, I'd highly recommend you read this one too)) or you can watch it (a movie shot in 1976).
Have a good time!

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