Noun stem change

Why do we use this case here? And this verb? What rule should I use here?
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Noun stem change

Postby RP01 » May 6th, 18, 20:36


By rule for neuter nouns which ending in "o" and feminine nouns ending in "a" have the plural genitive declension as Ø that is no declension added but the bare stem to be used.

Nevertheless neuter noun "окно" has the plural genitive form "окон" where no declension added indeed but the stem itself changed from "окн" to "окон".

My assumption is that it is simply because of enableing easier pronounciation like pronounce "окн" would be either hard to utter or weird how it sounds.

Can someone please help to explain this and also tell what is then the rule for change e.g. why "o" added in this example and not another vowel?

Thank you for your help


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