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How do I make sure that my grammar is correct?

Posted: Jan 29th, 16, 08:17
by Каспаров
Привет всем!

I have a few questions that I can't answer myself. I learn new words every day, sometimes through games, forums, translators or watching russian videos. When I use them to build a sentence, and translate them into english to check if it translates correctly and then use a russian grammar and spell checker, all seems to be fine. But how can I be sure? Sometimes I see a sentence with the same meaning written with different words, so I get confused and think the translators and grammar checkers gave me wrong results.

I want to actively participate in russian communities, but I don't want to embarass myself too much for using wrong cases or endings on verbs (for example) :oops:

Obviously I have to learn the russian grammar rules more deeply, but I fear I am missing something obvious :lol: - Is there a way to double check if a sentence is right or wrong?

Thank you in advance, guys! :)

Re: How do I make sure that my grammar is correct?

Posted: Feb 3rd, 16, 21:59
by Анжелика
Каспаров wrote:Привет всем!

Thank you in advance, guys! :)

Hi I am Angelica. I am from Russia. I can to help you with gramattica and other. I will speak English. I don't speak english very well, but I can to helo you. :geek: :)