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У меня есть VS Я имею ?

Posted: Dec 26th, 13, 14:25
by andriyana
Hello,i have question *again :D :lol:
i am still confused,what's the different "У меня есть" and "Я имею" ?
perhaps they have another meaning?

thank you

Re: У меня есть VS Я имею ?

Posted: Dec 26th, 13, 16:45
by Ljovanja
Привет, andriyana)
These two phrases have the same meanings - "I have". The difference is that we rarely use the phrase "Я имею", almost never. Besides, this phrase can have obscene value, but it depends on context. The phrase "У меня есть" is more common, so use it.

Re: У меня есть VS Я имею ?

Posted: Jan 27th, 14, 17:09
by ColdSteel
Hello, andriyana

There are two types of languages: "to have" languages and "to be" languages. And there are articles about these types. So, the English lang is "to have", and the Russian is "to be".

There is a literal equivalent for the verb "to have" - "иметь". And we use this verb mainly in the set expressions, such as "имеет место" - "<something> has a place" in the meaning "there is|are <something>". Or another example "иметь мнение" - "to have an opinion". Proverb "Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей" - "Do not have a hundred rubles, have a hundred friends" (A friend in court is better than a penny in purse). In this case we have the verb "иметь" in its imperative informal form "имей".

In other cases "у <кого-то> <быть> " is a more natural way to say "<something> has".

For example,

У меня есть брат. - I have a brother. (the present tense)
У него была игрушка. He had a toy. (the past tense)
У неё будет квартира. She will have an apartment (the future tense)

Re: У меня есть VS Я имею ?

Posted: Jul 18th, 14, 10:02
by Rafik
There is no difference betwen "У меня есть" and "Я имею". But "Я имею" is used very seldom.

У меня есть дом = Я имею дом = I have a house

Have a nice day!