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difference between ничего/нечего

Posted: Apr 23rd, 15, 22:15
by Canary
Hi everyone!

Could you explain the difference between these words, please: ничего and нечего, also никогда and некогда. They all seem the same to me.

Thank you! Большое спасибо!

difference between ничего/нечего

Posted: Aug 11th, 15, 02:55
by AlexKotovoi
me and a few friends have been playing some lagshot lately and everyone said is was weird.
so is there really a difference between 0.3x and 0.3z lagshot?

difference between ничего/нечего

Posted: Feb 27th, 16, 17:39
by Lerakroxa
Hi there,

What is the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft?



Re: difference between ничего/нечего

Posted: Apr 16th, 16, 01:13
by HelenNewman
They are used differently. I have nothing to do - Mne nechego delat. There is nothing I can do for you - I nichego ne mogu sdelat dlya Vas.
Plus 'nechego' (the first syllable is stressed) is used in set expressions and phrases: Nechego bylo pytatsya (You should not even bother).
I nichego ne znayu (I know nothing). Nechego mne govorit chto ya nichego ne znayu (You shouldn't bother telling me that I know nothing).
Nikto - nobody
Nekto (the first syllable is stressed) - somebody