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pronouns него, нему etc.

Posted: Apr 14th, 15, 17:53
by lilith35
Hello everyone!

I have noticed that sometimes the pronouns get the letter "н" at the beginning. In it happens to pronouns in different cases. For example:
Я даю ему книгу. Я скучаю по нему. Both pronouns are in the Dative case
Я люблю его. Я смотрю на него. Both pronouns are in the Accusative case

Could be because of the prepositions? Does anyone know the rule?

Спасибо большое!

Re: pronouns него, нему etc.

Posted: Nov 23rd, 15, 04:55
by catfreak88
Hello! I 'll try to answer in your question. According to textbooks and reference books and
from a few dialogues I 've heard, in front of 3rd person personal pronouns is developed the
letter ''H'' , but only after prepositions & not other parts of speech(adverbs etc.).