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Gender of nouns- Accusative case

Posted: Jan 25th, 15, 11:56
by Elaisa
Hi everyone- Glad to join this forum.
I have some basic questions about Russian nouns. I understand that they have a gender and change in the accusative case. Does the noun ending change depending on who is making the statement? Ie- a male or a female? Or is it that the endings are based upon the gender of the actual noun regardless of whether its a male or female making the statement?
Many thanks,
Elaisa :D

Re: Gender of nouns- Accusative case

Posted: Jan 27th, 15, 15:25
by Taras
All right, Elaisa!

In fact, Russian nouns change not only in the accusative case. Moreover it happens seldom that a non-nominative form of a Russian noun is the same as its nominative one. Look at these examples:

Nominative книга стул
Genitive книги стула
Dative книге стулу
Accusative книгу стул
Instrumental книгой стулом
Prepositional книге стуле

As for endings, they don't depend on the gender of the subject, i.e. the gender of the person making the statement. If they depended, It would be so complicated that all Russians would probably prefer to speak English :D The ending of a noun usually (or always) depends only on the gender and case of the noun.