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Genders of words ending with ь

Posted: Apr 29th, 14, 23:11
by Kate
Is there any rule to know if words that end with ь such as дверь or словарь or день are masculine, feminine or neuter, or do we have to learn each word and its gender by heart?

Thanks everyone!

Re: Genders of words ending with ь

Posted: May 2nd, 14, 01:21
by Kusinna

All words that finish with -тель, plus about 150 words finishing with -ль, -нь, -рь (names of all months, many animals, fish, birds, insects) - are masculine. Those words you need to memories. It will come with experience!

All words finishing with ЖЬ ШЬ ЧЬ ЩЬ - are feminine. Also, many other nouns finishing with "Ь" are feminine, such as ель, сталь, лень, etc.