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Similarity of English and Russian languages

Posted: Mar 30th, 14, 03:53
by stellar
Wonderful site. There should be more cultural exchange.

English has drawn from many languages. My question is: statistically, what percentage of common words in Russian are close (similar phonetically, in how they sound) to the English equivalent, and vice-versa? Sorry if answering my question requires a bit of research. But maybe someone who speaks both languages fluently knows. :-)

Re: Similarity of English and Russian languages

Posted: Oct 4th, 14, 22:44
by Taras
There is only a very little number (I suppose less than half a percent) of words sounding similar in Russian and English.
For example,
Hey! - Эй!
Wow! - Вау!
three - три
a video - видео
a challenger [a tennis tourment] - чэлленджер
freelance - фриланс
a hub [about computers] - хаб
a disc - диск
a camera - камера
a video camera - видеокамера.