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"Я уже говорил" vs. "я уже сказал"

Posted: May 21st, 18, 23:51
by RP01

What is the difference actually between "Я уже говорил" and "я уже сказал"?

What is the real diffrence in the meaning? One would mean "I have or had been telling already" means several times repeated while the other emphesize that "I already told you that" once?

Thank you for your help


Re: "Я уже говорил" vs. "я уже сказал"

Posted: Jun 29th, 18, 18:53
by Nusya
In everyday life, it can be phrases-synonyms.
Gramatically, "я уже говорил" rather refers to a simple past (я уже говорил однажды), but "я уже сказал" to the recent past (я только что сказал - I have said)