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How to pronounce "ой" adjective ending if not stressed

Posted: May 7th, 18, 23:18
by RP01

Hard stem adjectives in genitive, dative, instrumental and and prepositional case for feminine have the ending "ой".

When the stress is on the end (e.g. молодóй) it is easy to hear that "ой" pronounced consitently as "óй".

But when it is not stressed it is quite hard to figure out how it is pronounced (based on forvo recordings eg.).
- новой: I hear something like "нóвий"
- старой: I hear something like "стáрэй"

Simply based on spelling rules the unstressed "о" should be pronounced as a short "a" and it would mean that in these cases "ой" to be pronounced as "aй" with short "a". But based on the examples seeemingly that is not the case e.g. новой not sounds like "новaй" or старой like "старaй" (at least as I hear it).

Can you please help how generally pronounce the "ой" adjective ending when not stressed? (Maybe it is relly like "aй" and its just me who hear it wrongly?)

Thank you