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Posted: Jan 14th, 14, 01:41
by k28225433
thanks for replies

Re: "р" pronunciation in Russian

Posted: Jan 16th, 14, 17:03
by enrique4480
sounds like parrot, pencil,problem, police, polite. The "p" sound is "п" letter.

Re: "р" pronunciation in Russian

Posted: Jan 27th, 14, 16:18
by ColdSteel
k28225433 wrote: some advises or exercises that can make my pronunciation sound more accurate?


Hello, k28225433

Do you mean Cyrillic "Р"? If yes, it sounds close to the English "R" and even closer to Spanish "R". You can find some video lessons (on Youtube for example) on how to pronounce "Trilled R" in the Spanish or Russian languages.