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Dative Case

Posted: Nov 23rd, 15, 04:03
by catfreak88
Здравствуйте! I 'd like to ask of a specific use of the dative case.
That is the following: what if somebody distributes an object/noun to a group of addressees.
For instance if someone gives some books to friends, sort of ''He gave to friends , a book for each one.''
Is the same phrase in Russian correct: ''он дал по книгу , друзьям.''?

Thanks anyway. Пока!

Re: Dative Case

Posted: Feb 8th, 16, 16:25
by GodKnows
So, you are almost right building your sentence.

Note the sentence in completely correct form:

Он дал друзьям по книгЕ
Он дал по книгЕ друзьям (I removed a comma)