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question about punctuation

Posted: May 5th, 16, 21:20
by whitelighter
On Google-translate, it always leaves a space between the final word in a Russian sentence/phrase and the period/comma. Is that how it's correctly done in Russian, or just a quirk in the program?

Re: question about punctuation

Posted: May 7th, 16, 11:04
by Taras
Hi whitelighter,
in Russian, as well as in English, there should be no space preceding a comma or a period. That is why Google Translate just works ridiculously for you.

However, when I tried to translate an English sentence into Russian with Google Translate, the program didn't show any space before the commas and the period. Maybe the problem you face has something to do with your browser's or Google settings.

Re: question about punctuation

Posted: May 8th, 16, 03:35
by George
I tried to translate any sentence by Google-translator, but did not understand, what a quirk you're talking about?
Provide a specific example, maybe take a screenshot or copypaste of it.

Re: question about punctuation

Posted: Jun 1st, 16, 04:04
by whitelighter
Here's an example (sorry for the delayed reply):

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