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question about the genetive case

Posted: Apr 7th, 16, 21:41
by whitelighter
I can't get a clear idea from the grammar tables - so genetive can b used to describe either the owner or that which is owned? If I understand correctly, the later of the two is only done when sating the absence of an object?

Re: question about the genetive case

Posted: Apr 16th, 16, 00:58
by HelenNewman
The Genitive case has the same function as the possessive nouns and noun phrases with the preposition 'of'.

The leg of the table = in Russian noghka (Nom) stola (Gen.). Noghka (chego? - of what?) stola. Stol (a table) - is in Nominative, Stol-a - is in the Genintive case.

the wife's son - syn (Nom) zheny (Gen) - the son of the wife. Syn (son) is in Nominative, syn (kogo? - of whom, whose?) zheny. Zena (wife) - is nominative, Zen-Y - is in the Genitive.