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How to say "you are so ... that ..."

Posted: Oct 13th, 15, 17:38
by Phozzonunnium
I want to know how to say phrases like "you are so *...* that *...*" in Russian, like "you are so weird that it is hard for me to believe". I thought of "Ты так странный, что мне трудно поверить", but I don't know if its grammar is correct or if it is, if it doesn't sound weird to natives. Thanks :)

Re: How to say "you are so ... that ..."

Posted: Oct 14th, 15, 16:24
by Taras
Hi Phozzonunnium,
your translation is almost correct. To be correct altogether, it should've been "Ты такой странный, что мне трудно поверить" or "Ты такая странная, что мне трудно поверить". Expressions "so + an adjective" are translated as "такой / такая / такое + прилагательное" while "so + an adverb" transforms into "так + наречие":

so good -- такой хороший / такая хорошая / такое хорошее
so well -- так хорошо.

Re: How to say "you are so ... that ..."

Posted: Oct 21st, 15, 01:03
by English10000
It's OK grammatically, but look at the phrase in terms of proper communication, not just proper grammar, I don't think it is polite to use such a phrase when talking to a person in a friendly manner. It's a kind of mild insult, IMO. It sounds a bit unusual, why should you use this phrase at all?