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How say "It doesn't rain anymore"

Posted: Oct 2nd, 15, 22:45
by semsaudade
Hello to everybody. How can I say in russian "It doesn't rain anymore?" Is "Это не больше дождь" correct?
And what about "It is raining again?".
Thanks a lot for your help

Re: How say "It doesn't rain anymore"

Posted: Oct 3rd, 15, 18:11
by Taras
Hello semsaudade,
when facing problems in translation, it's a good idea to start with a sentence which is simple enough for you to translate.

Following this scheme, let's begin with "It rains". This sentence means that rain comes down from time to time. The Russian sentence "Идёт дождь" means literally "Rain is going" and may be translated as "It is raining". So, "Идёт дождь" implies it's raining now. To make this sentence mean "it rains from time to time" we can just add the word "иногда". After that the sentence appears as "Иногда идёт дождь". Note that you may not just say "Ходит дождь" to mean "It rains sometimes", because there is no such expression in the Russian language.

Analogously, one may translate "It doesn't rain" as "В наши дни дождь не идёт". The expression "в наши дни" means "nowadays" and makes the Russian sentence refer to some time period containing the present moment. Without this expression the sentence would refer only to the present moment and therefore would mean "It is not raining".

Taking into account the discussion above, we come to the conclusion that we may translate "It doesn't rain anymore" as "В наши дни дождь больше не идёт". The meaning of this sentence is pretty strange because you can hardly find an area where rain doesn't come down nowadays (if you're talking about Earth :D). You might've meant "It is not raining anymore", which means the rain is over.

As for the sentence "It is raining again", one may translate it as "Снова идёт дождь".

Re: How say "It doesn't rain anymore"

Posted: Oct 10th, 15, 16:25
by semsaudade
Thanks a lot for your very kind a complete answer!!!

Re: How say "It doesn't rain anymore"

Posted: Oct 21st, 15, 00:56
by English10000
Semsaudade, you'd better write in your post a short dialogue containing the phrase you need (i. e. give us more context). It will make it easier to understand correctly what you want to say. There is no Russian equivalent to the phrase "It doesn't rain anymore" as we only use it in the "continuous" sense (It isn't raining any more). In English the phrase you wrote would also sound strange unless you provide some context or continue the phrase. The only way to continue it in English for it to make sense, in my opinion, is "... in this area" which would be a bit unusual as it would mean that some area stopped getting rain completely (and that's next to impossible).