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"ride a bike"

Posted: Aug 26th, 15, 13:56
by Canary
Hi everyone!

I have a question about "riding a bike". Is there any difference between ехать на велосипеде and кататься на велосипеде? And also, it the prepositional case that we always use with на?


Re: "ride a bike"

Posted: Aug 28th, 15, 00:47
by Alika

There is no strong difference.
But if you want to dig deeper then look.
Eхать на велосипеде is more general. You just mean that you use a bike for your travel.
Saying кататься на велосипеде, you focus on that you enjoy your riding, you probably do it for yourself, for fun.

As for the prepositional case, you're right.
Good luck.^^

Re: "ride a bike"

Posted: Aug 28th, 15, 14:53
by Canary
thanks :D :D :D :D :D