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Origin of Family Name - Nachatilo

Posted: Jun 7th, 15, 00:07
by Ari
I was hoping to learn something about the possible origin of my surname, Nachatilo. I believe it to be of Russian origin. No one in my family claims to know of its origin / meaning.
Any hints / answers would be much appreciated.

Re: Origin of Family Name - Nachatilo

Posted: Jun 9th, 15, 08:01
by кмд10
Hello, Ari.

I am not an expert, but my family taught me how to distinguish names based on nationalities. Your last name may be a combination of two words - one Russian and the other Asian in origin perhaps Mongolian or coming from the "-stan" or Turkic countries.

Attila comes to mind. I was told by my mother that the ending in "ilo" has a "mongoloid" [There is no other word I can use for "slanted-eyed" people of Asian origin as there are three main types in the region - Mongoloid, Indian and "White". In Nepal, for example, one can find the Indian, the Mongoloid and the mix between the two.] or Hungarian background. Hungarians are the descendants of the Huns. Now, нашa (nasha - "our" feminine) can be mixed with "tilo", whose meaning I don't know. You may want to look for the meaning of the name "Attila" or anything ending in "ilo" (

As an aside, the word "nasha" in Romanian means "godmother" so every time I heard "nasha Russia", I used to think Russians were talking about Godmother Russia instead of Our Russia.

Hope this helps.