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one word, different stress

Posted: May 18th, 15, 22:32
by Canary

I'd like some help with words that are written the same but have different stress like замок (lock) and замок (castle). Can you think of more couples? It would be of great help, otherwise I'll have to look through the whole dictionary ;)


Re: one word, different stress

Posted: May 19th, 15, 02:03
by Nikita Kulkin
Привет Кэн!

There are a lots of words in russian that change their sense depending on where the stress is, like:

бе́регу — берегу́ (shore - care)
бо́льшая — больша́я (big - bigger)
ду́хи — духи́ (spirits - parfume)
ду́ша — душа́ (soul - shower)
пи́ли — пили́ (past from "drink" - to saw (imperative)(Saw!))
пла́чу — плачу́ (to cry(in tears) - to pay(I pay.))

pretty good list for first brain attack you can find hereОмографы , I just picked a few for example.
But just learning all homographs won't help, actually you shall learn radical of words, understand endings and ancilla, but firstly understand that russian is very graphic language and it's not chaotic as you may have thought or still thinking, when you pay more attention to "radicals" you will see that many words that seemed illogical will appear to have different "radicals" as well as context of the sentence will help you put right stress and understand the word. It's like "can" and "can" - Can you trash this empty can?

Удачи в изучении! =)

Re: one word, different stress

Posted: May 22nd, 15, 21:29
by Canary