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Please check my translation

Posted: Apr 22nd, 15, 13:28
by lilith35

I need to translate the following sentence correctly, so I'd be very happy if some of the Russian native speaker could check it:
I have travelled back in time to tell you something important.
Я спутешествовал обратно во время, чтобы сказать тебе что-нибудь важное.

If my translation is wrong, please offer your version.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Please check my translation

Posted: May 4th, 15, 22:50
by Taras
There is no word 'спутешествовал' in the Russian language. I'd translate the sentence as

Я (пропутешествовал/совершил путешествие) назад во времени, чтобы сказать тебе кое-что важное.

The two variants of my translation mean the same. However, on the one hand the structure of 'пропутешествовал' is closer to 'have travelled', but on the other hand 'совершил путешествие' sounds better than 'пропутешествовал'.

Re: Please check my translation

Posted: May 5th, 15, 13:21
by lilith35
thank you taras