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задание or задача

Posted: Apr 3rd, 15, 13:17
by Canary
Could you please help me understand the difference between задание and задача. I'm looking through a test on the first certificate and I have this doubt. Here is the question from the test: Сохранить наше культурное наследие - .................... . (трудное задание / трудная задача). I think I would go with задача but I'm not sure. I would appreciate if you could give me more examples to illustrate the difference.

Re: задание or задача

Posted: Apr 3rd, 15, 14:29
by alena149
задача - is more like a problem. "математическая задача", "задача о дереве Штейнера"="Steiner tree problem", "решить задачу"(solve the problem)

задание - is a quest or task. we can not say "решить задание", we say "выполнить задание", as you don't solve your homework, you just do it. we have "домашнее задание", "боевое задание", "техническое задание".

I think it is задача too, because "сохранение культурного наследия" is a problem

Re: задание or задача

Posted: Apr 4th, 15, 16:46
by Canary

Re: задание or задача

Posted: Apr 6th, 15, 14:21
by Taras
Besides, 'задача' can be translated as a task when you mean a complicated and/or responsible task:

Перед главой Национального банка была поставлена задача повысить курс гривны. (The Head of the National Bank has been given a task to increase the hryvnia exchange rate.)

Их задачей является следить за тем, чтобы производственный процесс был безопасным. (Their task is to make sure that the production process is safe.)

'Задание' is usually less complicated and/or responsible than 'задача':

Мой начальник дал мне задание написать отчёт о командировке. (My boss has given me a task to write a report about my business trip.)

So 'задача' is either an activity for the development of brain skills (like a (mathematical/physical/chemical/chess/...) problem) or a complicated and/or responsible task. 'Задание' is a task which is usually not eminently difficult and/or responsible.