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how to pronounce chocolate

Posted: Mar 31st, 15, 22:24
by Leam_nor
Hi everyone!

I have a question about chocolate :) It seems that the word "шоколад" is pronounced like "she-ka-lad", why "she" and not "sha" according to the rule of the unstressed "o"?
p.s. Russian chocolate is very yummy :)
Спасибо за ответ!

Re: how to pronounce chocolate

Posted: Apr 5th, 15, 22:54
by Taras
Yeah, 'шоколад' is pronounced as 'шекалад' while there is a rule saying that an unstressed 'о' should be pronounced as 'а'. I've checked this rule out for about twenty words, and it works for each of the words. So it seems that 'шоколад' is just an exception.