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Pronunciation of "здравствуйте"

Posted: Mar 24th, 15, 00:28
by machine_head
When listening to audio books in Russian I notice that the word "Здравствуйте" is often pronounced like "Здрасте". Is it some kind of local pronunciation or accent? Or is there a difference between Здравствуйте и Здрасте?

Re: Pronunciation of "здравствуйте"

Posted: Mar 24th, 15, 03:03
by Taras
'Здрасьте' is a less formal version of 'Здравствуйте', but it's more formal than 'Привет'.

Russian speakers usually say 'Здрасьте' to adults who the speakers know well, but who are not the speakers' friends (e.g., their teachers, colleagues, neighbors). To say hello to an adult you see first time (e.g., to an employee of a bank, a company, a hospital), you should say 'Здравствуйте'. People also say 'Здравствуйте' to their audience at the beginning of a formal speech. 'Привет' is the least formal of the three greetings and is said to kids, teenagers and to the speaker's friends.

In writing 'Здрасьте' is normally used to express your wonder (like in 'Здрасьте, приехали!' or in 'Здрасьте!' that means the same). 'Здрасьте' expressing wonder is used in speech as well. When greeting an adult you know well in writing, 'Здрасьте' changes to 'Здравствуйте'. So in formal greetings in writing 'Здравствуйте' is used, but not 'Здрасьте' while in informal greetings in writing 'привет' is used.

Re: Pronunciation of "здравствуйте"

Posted: Mar 24th, 15, 11:17
by machine_head
Thanks so much for the reply, taras!