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first lesson

Posted: Feb 7th, 18, 03:33
by site2017
Здравствуйте Hello!
Доброе утро Good morning!
Добрый день Good afternoon!
Добрый вечер Good evening!
Добро пожаловать! Welcome!
Привет! Hi!
ساخت سايت
Как поживаете? How are you getting on?
Как поживаешь? How are things? (informal)
Как Ваши дела? How are you?
Как дела? How are you? (informal)
Прекрасно Perfectly well.
Хорошо Fine.
Всё в порядке Very well.
Неплохо Not so bad.

До свидания Good bye!
Всего хорошего! All the best!
Удачи! Good luck!
Счастливого пути! Have a good trip!
Пока! Bye-bye! (informal)

Простите Excuse me.
Извините Sorry.
Извините, пожалуйста, ... Excuse me, please
Ничего, ничего Oh, that's all right

Будьте добры, ... Will you please...
Пожалуйста, ... Please, ...

Спасибо Thank you.
Большое спасибо Thank you very much.
Огромное спасибо Thanks a lot.
Пожалуйста You're welcome.
Не за что Don't mention it.
Не стоит That's all right.

Re: first lesson

Posted: Feb 10th, 18, 15:56
by sitesazan
Learning Russian is very difficult

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Re: first lesson

Posted: Mar 20th, 18, 22:51
by Ivan Drago
I search people for the mutual improvement of language (i`m Russian native speaker who want to study English).

Re: first lesson

Posted: Apr 4th, 18, 21:36
by ali.rafami
thanks for lesson but i thin it's very helpful if they sound is attached and we are listened too

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