What is "wireless communications" in Russian?

How do you say in Russian...? What does this Russian word mean? *Please, check a dictionary before posting here
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What is "wireless communications" in Russian?

Postby ScottChang » Sep 8th, 17, 18:01

Hi all,
From Google Translate, I got the following translation:
Scientists warn of solar flare effects of disrupting GPS and wireless communications. = Ученые предупреждают о солнечных вспышках, связанных с нарушением GPS и беспроводной связи.

2 questions:
Q#1: I am not sure what "беспроводной связи" means in the above Russian translation. What is "wireless communications" in Russian?
Q#2: Is "связанных с нарушением GPS" good for "effects of disrupting GPS"?

Please help, answer/comment, and respond.

Thanks in advance,
Scott Chang

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Re: What is "wireless communications" in Russian?

Postby user1142 » Sep 9th, 17, 00:24

#1 "wireless communications" is беспроводная связь indeed. Радиосвязь is suitable also (in discussions about negative effect of solar flare).
#2 "связанных с ..." -- tragically wrong. This phrase is garbling the cause and the result.
cause: solar flare, magnetic storm
result, effect: communications disrupt

My suggestions:
... предупреждают о влиянии солнечной вспышки на работу систем радиосвязи ...
... предупреждают о возможных нарушениях в работе ... из-за солнечной вспышки ...

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