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"My bus is late.", "overdue" & "long overdue" in Russian

Posted: May 19th, 17, 23:52
by ScottChang
Hi all,
(1) My bus is late. = Мой автобус опаздывает.
(2) the train is overdue = поезд запаздывает
(3) Human Rights Lawyer: Sweden Dropping Investigation of WikiLeaks' Assange is "Long Overdue Decision"=
Адвокат по правам человека: Швеция. Снижение расследования Ассанжа WikiLeaks - «Долгосрочное решение»

Q1: In Russian, are "опаздывает" (late) in (1) and "запаздывает" (overdue) in (3) the same?
Q2: In (3), is «Долгосрочное решение» = "Long Overdue Decision" correct in Russian expression?

Please help, advise/comment/explain, and respond.

Thanks in advance,
Scott Chang

Re: "My bus is late.", "overdue" & "long overdue" in Russian

Posted: May 30th, 17, 21:51
by Jeremy Katz
Q1: Yeah, pretty much the same. Yet you can say "My train is late". it's the matter of formality of the sentence, in English. In Russian, it goes each way.
Q2: That's an incorrect translation. The meaning of the original in English, I assume, is "very late decision". So then naturally goes "запоздалое решение". To express "long overdue" it goes something like "очень запоздалое". Simple as that.

Re: "My bus is late.", "overdue" & "long overdue" in Russian

Posted: Jun 4th, 17, 09:13
by harry56
Anyways, I hope it will be a doable tack for me and I also count on your help since it will be my first time teaching someone a language :lol: