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Food - Еда vs. пища

Posted: May 29th, 16, 16:12
by Роберт_A_Е

I wanted to find out how to say ‘food’ in Russian, so I used ( to find that out. When typing in food, I got two alternative translations: еда and пища. Now, what is the difference between еда and пища? When should I use пища instead of еда?

/Robert Andersson Yegorov - Роберт Андерссон Егоров.

Re: Food - Еда vs. пища

Posted: Aug 20th, 16, 03:30
by samuel
Используйте "еда" - это более распространенное и употребимое слово в отношении того, что едят люди.

Re: Food - Еда vs. пища

Posted: Oct 6th, 16, 01:16
by alena149
пища is used mostly in constructions like:
пища для ума
прием пищи
Also we got a word пищеварение which means digestion. Or literally, пище - food, варение - somewhat like brewing.