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How True Is Google Translate Spoken Russian?

Posted: Aug 16th, 18, 07:17
by abrogard
I have been listening to some CD's of 'Michel Thomas' Russian course - a pretty old course I think.

It's fine but checking the words they spoke on Google translate to see how they're spelled I found a very different pronunciation sometimes.

Is that because Google translate gets it wrong? Or what?

Re: How True Is Google Translate Spoken Russian?

Posted: Dec 11th, 18, 10:01
by Mashenka
Google Translate is like rolling dice. Sometimes the translation is spot on, sometimes it can be very weird. Russian pronunciation can vary from region to region. From what I understand, the pronunciation that is used in Russian media is the Moscow dialect. It will sound different than the way Russian was spoken a few decades ago. So your course may be from a different region, or as you said, it is an old course and the pronunciation is different than today. As far as the pronunciation on Google Translate, it sounds like the Moscow dialect to me. Anyone else care to weigh in?