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Help needed on Russian Chess Set !

Posted: Apr 26th, 18, 15:57
by henrikl
Privjet !

I need some help to de-code this little text-inside a Soviet chess-set, made 1989 : ... se-help-me

Anyone, who can tell me what it says ?

Thank you very much !


Re: Help needed on Russian Chess Set !

Posted: Dec 11th, 18, 09:29
by Mashenka
From what I can gather, the first paragraph says, "The Department for the Production of Toys and Arts and Crafts of the Kirovo Regional Executive Committee, the Factory of Food Products of Khalturin Zone 4.

The second paragraph reads, "Chess Souvenir complete with a board."

The next line is probably the dimensions of 290 x 145 x 42.

The second to the last line is some initials, kind of like a version or edition number.

The last line is the price.

Maybe another pair of eyes could add some additional information.