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hearing the difference in the letters

Posted: Jul 14th, 17, 12:55
by janmarielloyd
:oops: :ugeek: I love this site and I am so excited I can recognize privyet in russian characters or hello, but I can not hear the difference in so many letters. like say and zay. Is there something wrong with my ears or will I get it once I learn more words.

Re: hearing the difference in the letters

Posted: Aug 6th, 17, 21:28
by Red-white flower
Listening skills training is all about practice. If we want to learn to understand foreign speech, we should listen to it regularly.
I learn English, and I listen to English speech for at least 30 minutes everyday. It’s better to start with clear slow speech. Adopted for foreigners audios and videos or children's cartoons or audiobooks are good for that. After an animated series I watched English cartoons with English subtitles and listened to an audiobook while reading the text of that book. I started watching a series with English subtitles (there was usual spoken speech that is harder to understand). Later I began watchng the series and films without subtitles. I don’t watch children's cartoons anymore because it’s too easy to understand them.

hearing the difference in the letters

Posted: May 25th, 18, 00:54
Swamper didnt get to watch the meeting, but do you know what the show cause hearing for the Maverick Restaurant was about?