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Привет and Hello from Ekaterina

Posted: Jul 7th, 17, 21:34
by EkaterinaOpenRussian
Hello everybody!

I am Ekaterina, I live in St. Petersburg and I grew up in Weliki Nowgorod )) I also run the dictionary website with Michel and Anastasia and I am here because I am studying and in my spare time I love to help everyone to learn our language. I am happy to become a part of this community so have a good day everyone and happy learning 8-) :mrgreen:

Re: Привет and Hello from Ekaterina

Posted: Dec 11th, 18, 11:07
by Mashenka
Добро пожадщвать на этот сайт. Мне очень нравиться

I have used this site to look up a lot of stuff. So welcome, and enjoy!