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Teach Me Russian Please

Posted: May 22nd, 17, 22:02
by harres
I need someone to help me learn Russian.

I know the alphabet and can read Russian more or less with some difficulty. However, I only know a few words and phrases.

I need someone who can just help me with the rules of the Russsian language, expand my vocabulary, teach me new words and more.

I would prefer to do this through messaging so that I can learn the spelling.

Re: Teach Me Russian Please

Posted: May 30th, 17, 21:44
by Jeremy Katz
How do I reach you?

Re: Teach Me Russian Please

Posted: Jul 20th, 17, 17:49
by easywaycenter34
Are you a foreigner?
Do you work for a foreign company?
Do you really need Russian to keep in touch with your friends, travel or negotiate with your Russian partners?
Do you want your employees to speak Russian fluently?

We are more than ready to help you!

We offer to learn Russian using our unique method. We teach our students not only to speak Russian but also to think in Russian. It makes your speech and reaction fast.

Is that hard? No, it’s not!

We don’t even have any homework; it’s optional as we know that time is money. And it’s not easy to find some spare space in the schedule of a busy person to do homework. You will accomplish all the necessary things during a lesson.

It’s possible to arrange your studies in groups, mini groups and individually taking into consideration your aims and your schedule.

Skype lessons are also provided.

Contact us! We will answer all your questions.

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Achieve your dream!

Studying Russian with us is very easy!

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Re: Teach Me Russian Please

Posted: Jan 24th, 18, 22:07
by natalie-gata
I propose lessons of Russian by skype. I have 22 years work experience & my own methodics. At our lessons you'll start to speak simple sentences since the first lesson, we'll learn common topics & upon your needs some special topics, we'll learn grammar & we'll watch video in Russian.You are welcome to read responses about my work at my web site : My viber is+38 063 5304516, +38 098 465 2284, my skype is Natalie-Gata