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Practicing Russian Language

Posted: Jan 24th, 17, 16:19
by gokusims
Hi all,

I am a web programming student, i am learning Russian language right now and want to practice with fellow learner here in redkalinka. I am absolute beginner. So sorry if i fail catch you quicker in pronunciations and stuffs. I am actually also going to join the course in EchoEE so that it is not just be like a random hobby. I need to learn it because some of my cousins are in Russia and i plan to visit them in future. Thank You.

Re: Practicing Russian Language

Posted: Jan 24th, 18, 22:08
by natalie-gata
I propose lessons of Russian by skype. I have 22 years work experience & my own methodics. At our lessons you'll start to speak simple sentences since the first lesson, we'll learn common topics & upon your needs some special topics, we'll learn grammar & we'll watch video in Russian.You are welcome to read responses about my work at my web site : My viber is+38 063 5304516, +38 098 465 2284, my skype is Natalie-Gata

Re: Practicing Russian Language

Posted: Feb 12th, 18, 16:50
by Bluesd
Here's a nicest school around All the programs are epitomes of professional language courses. Вем привет! ;) I can quite successfully in this language now, given the previous level of total dummy.

Re: Practicing Russian Language

Posted: Mar 20th, 18, 22:40
by Ivan Drago
I search people for the mutual improvement of language (i`m Russian native speaker who want to study English).