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English/Russian exchange

Posted: Nov 24th, 16, 21:54
by Marcel
i speak English. it would be nice to find someody with whom i could communicate on russian :D thx

Re: English/Russian exchange

Posted: Jan 19th, 17, 23:34
by Мария

Re: English/Russian exchange

Posted: Jul 20th, 17, 17:50
by easywaycenter34
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Re: English/Russian exchange

Posted: Mar 20th, 18, 22:49
by Ivan Drago
I search people for the mutual improvement of language (i`m Russian native speaker who want to study English).

Re: English/Russian exchange

Posted: Apr 2nd, 18, 16:27
by lolovest12
Hello everyone who reads this
I need an exchange opportunity for English and Russian, I am good at English, also read Spanish, French, и Italian, now I need to learn Russian, hope someone can exchange, my email is

that's all

Julien (Lolo)

Re: English/Russian exchange

Posted: Apr 4th, 19, 12:43
by EnglishNinja
Hi, are you going to visit Russia anytime? Maybe even live here for some time? I hope it'll be great and you have no problems with entry, but just in case better to check this article on cancellation of bans on entry. You can translate it automatically in your browser, if you struggle to understand all the details.

Re: English/Russian exchange

Posted: May 15th, 19, 09:45
by aszaderyaka
I'm from Russia. Do you want to talk with russian man for practice? Great! I'd like practice my English. :D My Skype aszaderyaka