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тепло / жарко for Russians

Posted: Aug 24th, 15, 13:59
by lilith35

Could you please tell me what do you consider a тёплый день in Russia? Sometimes I hear things like сегодня тепло, 15 градусов. 15 degrees doesn't seem very warm to me :) from which temperature should I start using жарко?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Re: тепло / жарко for Russians

Posted: Aug 24th, 15, 21:02
by Taras
Hi lilith,
phrases like 'Сегодня тепло' or 'Сегодня теплый день' usually mean that the temperature today is significantly (at least 3-5 degrees) higher than it used to be lately but is less than 25-30 degrees. If it's higher than 25-30, we consider the weather to be hot.
That is why if yesterday the temperature was -20 and today it's -10, a local citizen may well say 'Сегодня на улице было очень тепло!' in spite of the fact that, for example, for an Australian both temperatures are terribly cold. However, if yesterday's temperature is +20 and today a thermometer shows +10, local people will say "Что-то сегодня сильно похолодало."

So, "сегодня тепло" means "today it's warmer than recently but not hot", "сегодня жарко" implies that the temperature is higher than 25-30. I hope this mathematical model of the Russian feeling of heat will help you :D

Re: тепло / жарко for Russians

Posted: Aug 25th, 15, 12:40
by lilith35
great explanation! thanks!!!!