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Slavic languages

Posted: Jul 27th, 15, 16:19
by Leam_nor

As a Russian learner I got curious to know what other languages could I learn in the future based on my knowledge of Russian. What Slavic languages are the closest to Russian? Do Russian people understand the Ukranian language easily? Is the cyrillic alphabet the same for all the Slavic languages?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Slavic languages

Posted: Aug 28th, 15, 00:20
by Alika
Hello, I guess Ukrainian is the best option for you.. My native is Russian and well you know, I would like to learn Ukrainian too. So yeah, it's not like I can understand it without special learning.
Russian people are able to catch couple of words in an Ukrainian speech though, but it's like.. Like Italian and Spanish - similar cause they
occasionally have the same origin, but still different and requiring special learning (sorry, not sure if I use some phrases in English correctly).
By the way, I personally do find Ukrainian language the most beautiful (talking about pronunciation) of all the Slavic ones.
There is also Belarusian as a reasonable option for you.

As for alphabet, there's like a couple of letters in both Ukrainian and Belarusian languages which are foreign for Russian alphabet (and for Latin too) but I don't think it's gonna be a big deal or something..

Re: Slavic languages

Posted: Aug 31st, 15, 15:48
by Leam_nor
two great answers in a row :D :D :D :D :D :D