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Russia:"Big sister" or Thraco-Getae-Dacian God-Mother?

Posted: Jun 9th, 15, 09:08
by кмд10

I have recently re-started my Russian language studies on my own - studies left when I was in grade 3 in Romania, a long, long time ago. Since that time, I have studied and learned many other languages and gotten interested in linguistics. Two previous lives ago, I was a very small, thin young Russian lady who used to live around Crimea. Somehow, Russian stayed within my memory so well that I did extremely well in it in school in grade 2 to the amazement of my teacher. In fact, it was the only subject I was good at according to my strict teacher. Anyway, I want to say something in this forum that may astound many people.

Russia is the forgotten God-Mother who housed the remainder of the Geto-Dacians after Dacia (present-day Romania) was pillaged by the Romans. In fact, ALL the so-called "slavic" (SLAVE or SLAB = meaning weak or thin in Romanian and Russian) countries in the Balkans are part of this Thraco-Getae-Dacian origin. After rediscovering Russian (basically I had to learn how to read cyrillic again), I have found some words in Russian that have intriguing meanings in "Romanian" (NOT Roman, but rather Dacian - Roman Latin was a derivation of Dacian). Maybe I will post some amazing lexical semantic connections.

Connections lead to answers. In my quest for "myself", I have found that the Carpatho-Danubian space was a cradle of civilization a long, long time ago (as far back as 30,000 years ago) way before Indo-Europeans appeared. From this cradle, these "white" people spread towards the east and the west (whose snows had melted). ... _323bc.jpg

What am I truly saying here? Russia is Russia and it feels a deep connection with Europe exactly because of this inner awakening. This awakening of who WE (ALL OF US) truly are ... ALL part of the same EURASIAN family tree (I won't even get into how I found many astounding similarities between the SE Asian civilization and the Thraco-Dacian one as well as a few similarities between Far Eastern Asia (Korea and Japan) and the Thraco-Dacian one.

Hope to have some nice "linguistic" and "ancient civilizations come alive" discussions on here.


P.S. нашa (feminine pronoun "our") is nașa (nasha or God-Mother) in "Romanian". Perhaps Romanian is actually RAMAnian (as in the ancient Rama Empire of old) ... I don't know. All I know is that I can feel the connections and can find them linguistically, culturally, emotionally, and spiritually within many languages but especially within Russian.

Russia "Big sister" or Thraco Getae Dacian God Mother

Posted: Aug 5th, 15, 19:52
by AlexKotovoi
I am German. We call it "father land" Vaterland but I know Russians say it is their mother.

We Germans talk about our "mother language" "Muttersprache".