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russian song

Posted: May 31st, 15, 21:09
by rufous07

Hey , could you help me to find out the name of this song??
I tried shazam and apps like that , but they dont work with certain languages i guess.

Thanks !!

Re: russian song

Posted: Jun 3rd, 15, 16:27
by LoveMyRussia

this song is called "Сделай меня счастливым"

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Posted: Jan 10th, 17, 21:31
by GalinaVen
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russian song

Posted: Feb 24th, 17, 02:19
by WitmarkImace
Hey guys,

I just need someone to help me out with the song playing in the background please. it may be a little unclear but I really hope someone can help me out. Just watch the video below.