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Которая водка естб лучная для вечеринку?

Posted: Jul 2nd, 17, 12:17
by Masha
Я хочу узнать хорошие рецепты для водки. Какую пищу я должна подавать с напитками?

Re: Которая водка естб лучная для вечеринку?

Posted: Jul 14th, 17, 13:00
by janmarielloyd
Did I recognize vodka in your post, and how do you get the russian letters to type?? I am very impressed with your russian and is the last word whisky by any chance?

Re: Которая водка естб лучная для вечеринку?

Posted: Oct 30th, 17, 07:23
by Masha
Yes you saw the word vodka. I was asking for advice on which brand of vodka is best for parties. The last word is party, or get-together or soiree. You can set your language from your PC. I don't know about Apple or Android, but for Windows, you can go to Microsoft Support and search for your operating system, Windows 10, 8.1, 7.0, etc. You can also go online to get the right keyboard, or you can buy stickers to put on your keyboard from Amazon.

Re: Которая водка естб лучная для вечеринку?

Posted: Nov 20th, 17, 21:20
by site2017
"Зелёная марка" - покупали несколько лет, потом перестали: вкус стал жёстче. Были периоды, когда покупали только "Кедровицу" - весьма неплохой вариант, но ситуация та же: с течением времени качество ухудшалось. Та же ситуёвина и с "Журавлями", и с "Пятью озёрами"...
Как-то, в дьютике, по дороге в Литву, купили литруху "Русского Стандарта" - гадость неописуемая, даже не допили ввиду неуверенности в её заводском качестве.
В другой раз, но в том же дьютике, взяли "Белугу" (пол-литра стоит 16 евро): всё вроде бы и ничего, но не впечатлила как-то. Да и ценничек негуманный.
Оттого-то, до сих пор и не определился с безошибочным вариантом российской водки. И выбор, каждый раз, делаю непосредственно перед витриной магазина. Или перебиваюсь текилой и пивом. В любых сочетаниях.
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Re: Которая водка естб лучная для вечеринку?

Posted: Sep 26th, 18, 16:06
by Jeremy Katz
I can't advise you a good vodka, but I can advise you what you can eat with it in mind.

Pickled herring, pickles, BBQ-ed meat in smaller pieces (Шашлык) (any, but bird), canapé (small square sandwiches, no more than 4x4 sm) with salami or fish. Sushi goes too; pizza, pasta or burgers don't, Dried salted fish goes, smoked fish too. Some people like caviar, I don't.
Basically, anything with a distinctive taste to block the spirit of vodka and small enough structure to have it in one go.

Eating something is quite important in the process of drinking vodka, like with tequila with lemon and salt.

Drink responsively!

P.s. Title should've gone like "Какая водка лучше для вечеринки?".
"Которая" applies more to a definite number of items, when you have them in your sight, something like that. As if you stand in front of a vodka shelf and ask your friend "Которая из них лучше?". Less commonly used tbh. You can go with "какая" any time.
No "есть", because it's extremely rare to use an auxillary verb in Russian. They used to be used, but long time ago.
In Russian it's more common to use comparative form of the adjective when you ask for someone to compare or advise. "Лучше".
"Для" requires a genitive case of the noun.

Re: Которая водка естб лучная для вечеринку?

Posted: Dec 11th, 18, 08:20
by Mashenka
Thanks for your reply, Jeremy, and the food tips and the tips on Russian. I am not much of a drinker, but I have friends and family who like to have some alcoholic beverage to choose from. I thought it would be fun to have a get together with a Russian theme. All those food ideas sound very yummy.