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Posted: Dec 21st, 16, 19:59
by Alice Wuyts

I'm a Belgian student (I study translation) and for my thesis I translate a book.
One of the sentence that I have to translate is about Эллочки-людоедки (I found that it is an actress of some sort but I don't understand the link with the sentence : Ситуацию не бытовую, чтобы не отделаться пресловутым запасом Эллочки-людоедки.

Can someone help me to translate this sentence please !! This would save my life thanks ! :D :D :D

Re: Эллочки-людоедки.

Posted: Jan 31st, 17, 01:18
by elenatm
Эллочка-людоедка is a character of the book "The Twelve Chairs", She is known mostly for being a vulgar, rather stupid woman and for having an extremely poor vocabulary, about 17 words, she used them in any kind of situations. So запас Эллочки-людоедки means a very poor vocabulary.