лет и летней

How do you say in Russian...? What does this Russian word mean? *Please, check a dictionary before posting here
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лет и летней

Postby lolovest12 » Apr 2nd, 18, 16:31

What the difference for both, I don't quite understand why sometimes use "лет", and sometimes "летней". :?

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Re: лет и летней

Postby Lawless » May 5th, 18, 11:24

Those are two different words.

Лет is a form of год (year).

one year – один год
two years – два года
five years – пять лет
I am 20 years old. – Мне 20 лет.


Летней is a form of летний (summer-; adjective)
summer day – летний день
I am dreaming about a nice summer weather. – Я мечтаю о прекрасной летней погоде.

https://ru.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D0%BB%D ... 0%B8%D0%B9

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