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by vokalistov
Aug 24th, 15, 08:15
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: значит
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Re: значит

Что это значит/означает по Русски? = What does it mean in Russian?
Why do you think it means "to know"?
by vokalistov
Aug 18th, 15, 21:14
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: animal sounds
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Re: animal sounds

pig хрю-хрю
horse иго-го
duck кря-кря
hen кудах-тах-тах
by vokalistov
Aug 17th, 15, 20:38
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: does чайник mean "dummy"?
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Re: does чайник mean "dummy"?

That's right
by vokalistov
Aug 17th, 15, 20:36
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: I ya tebya, What does this mean in English?
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Re: What does this mean in English?

И я тебя is short answer form, so it's hardly possible to translate it without context.
by vokalistov
Aug 17th, 15, 08:06
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: the word часы
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Re: the word часы

There is no difference between clock and watch in Russian. Everything that shows time is часы. This word is always plural.
by vokalistov
Aug 5th, 15, 10:24
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: verbal form with кто
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Re: verbal form with кто

Interrogative sentences can have one form for past time and one for present time
кто работает .... ? я работаю, они работают, он(а) работает
кто работал .... ? я работал(a), они работали, он(а) работал(а)
by vokalistov
Aug 3rd, 15, 08:02
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: Доктор or врач?
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Re: Доктор or врач?

Врач is MD (Medicinæ Doctor) exclusively.
Доктор (like Doctor) is more general.
by vokalistov
Jul 10th, 15, 20:33
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: кое-что / кое-где
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Re: кое-что / кое-где

We use кое-что / кое-где / кое-кто when we know everything about that person, thing, event or place. We just don't name them. We don't want to explain (for any reason). Я видел кое-кого. I know him, but i won't tell you who he was. Я делаю кое-что. I am busy and It does not matter what exactly i do....
by vokalistov
Jul 7th, 15, 21:59
Forum: Your first post to say hello
Topic: Привет всё! У мне есть вопрос (I have a question)
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Re: Привет всё! У мне есть вопрос (I have a question)

1. Эти актрисы ... (nominative)
2. Я смотрел на девочку or Я видел девочку

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